Thursday May 26, 2011

Happening Soon

It would be so lovely to see all of you at the two gallery show openings next week! Firstly, the Steam Whistle has been very kind in providing us their beautiful space for the second time. So on June 1st, it will be the opening reception to “Smiling Antimatter“, a mixed media group exhibition. Then after a day’s rest, we will be celebrating bike month at Jet Fuel Coffee Shop on June 3rd for the opening of the group exhibition, “Romance of the Wheel – Love, Hate and Cycling”. I cannot wait! 

And since I’ve been so hard at work at home, I’ve had many encounters with this tiny bunny in my back garden. Of course, while I should be working, I’m eyeing his every move, he has done the bunny dance under heavy rain and been eating as much dandelion leaves as he possibly can. 

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